The Black History Month Confidence Collection.

'How can black women feel more confident?' I'm sure this is a question you want answers to. Many of us struggle with low self esteem because we were not taught how to practice it in our families or the larger white supremacist society. In this collection you’ll learn some key tools to build your self esteem and confidence through various rituals and racial wellness tools. The bundle includes:

Journaling to Heal: A masterclass which teaches how self awareness through writing can help you live more confidently.

How to nurture your black body: Living under the system of racism means that neglecting our bodies is sometimes how racial stress manifests. This session is all about taking care of your body as an act of resistance.

How to build a relationship with yourself: Learn the 5 key areas to rebuild the relationship with yourself.

Defining your values: Confidence requires you to know who you are, so this worksheet walks you through a simple process to clarify your values as an anchor point for self acceptance and confidence.

Freedom 50 Series: This personal jam packed bundle of audios, book recommendations and resources include my personal 50 secrets to healing and happiness.

75 Empowerment Quotes for Black Women to Rise Up! This ebook, shares the wisdom of our esteemed scholars to remind you of the greatness that you are!

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