Sista Circle Premium : Bell Hooks Book Club with 121 Session

Do you find it hard to build friendships with other black women? In our community, self hate is a cultural disease rooted in a desperate need to escape the vulnerability of our blackness. We carry the scars of slavery and today's oppression which vilifies our melanin magic.

This premium Sista Circle experience is for sista's who are ready to dig deep with me to personally guide and support you with tools to meet your personal needs.

We're currently studying, ‘Sista’s of the Yam,’ Black Women and Self Recovery by Bell Hooks. In this session we'll be looking at racial stress.

This premium package gives you:

-The live book club experience.

- 'Heartwork’ journal prompts to complete at home.

- Audio reflections with a deeper exploration of questions that come up in the live session.

- A private 60 minute 121 Skype call around the heartwork.

FREE BONUS - 5 Day self care reset experience (course)

You will also get access to a private Facebook group for extra support.

You'll get 3 PDF

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