Sacred Sista Circle: Book Club ( Virtual)

Do you struggle to love yourself because of abandonment wounds? Do you find it hard to build friendships with other black women?

In our community, self hate is a cultural disease rooted in a desperate need to escape the vulnerability of our blackness. We carry the scars of slavery and today's oppression which vilifies our melanin magic.

This Sista Circle is for those ready to accept help and start doing the internal work. I’ll teach you a sacred program of gentleness, healing and compassion which honours where you are.

In the sessions you’ll learn:
The characteristics of black self hate.
Tools for sacred self love.
The signs of sober sistahood.

We’ll also study a chapter from, ‘Sista’s of the Yam,’ Self healing and Recovery by Bell Hooks.

There’ll be ‘heartwork’ to complete at home as well as access to a private Facebook group for extra community support and direct access to me for Q & A.

Date: 28th October

Time: 20:30 London Time

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