Sacred Sista Circle : Unity in the Community? Saturday, 19th October.

'When communities of resistance are everywhere the norm in our lives, we will not be without a circle of love or healing place.' bell hooks.

‘Why can’t black people come together?’ is something we hear a lot in the black community. Many of us want to be part of a healing community, but feel stuck around how to fully engage when our pain has often been inflicted by those who look like us.

One of our core human needs is to belong, to be seen and part of a secure community. In this session, we’ll explore the challenges of healing in black spaces and how to build a safe, healing network.

Chapter 10 'Sweet Communion' from Sisters of the Yam, Black women and self recovery By bell hooks will anchor the discussion.

Each monthly session also includes the characteristics of self hate, tools for empoWOMBent and the promises of sacred self love. 'Heartwork’ journal prompts will accompany the session to explore the topic much deeper.

You will also get access to a private Facebook and/or Wassap group for extra sistahood village support.

Come and awaken your divine feminine!

Date: Saturday, 19th October 2019

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am London Time

Place: 5 Mins from Bond St Tube.

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