Racial Sobriety Starter Guide for People of Colour

Have you experienced racism in the recovery rooms? Do you find it difficult to share honestly about your racial pain and experiences with white fellows?

I've been in recovery since 2010, I discovered that my black shame, relational anorexia and codependency were all the result of internalised racism. I learned that racism (white supremacy) is an addiction to power and I was a co-addict that needed to explore my recovery at a deeper level to explore this insidious disease and reclaim my identity.

In this series, I've collected my best content and podcasts to share a great exploration of the link between racism, addiction and 12 step recovery. This includes

Racism and recovery for beginners.

Drug addiction and death in my family.

Step 1. I admit that I am powerless over racism (white Supremacy), but have the power to choose how I respond.

Step 2: Being restored to sanity by a loving Higher Parent.

Step 3: Are white people your Higher Power?

10 tools to deal with racism in the recovery rooms.

How to start a people of colour meeting in your primary fellowship.

How to find a great black therapist.

22 Cultural top lines behaviors.


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