Mindful Motherhood

Are you a wounded daughter who’s child triggers old mother wounds? Do you worry how you can love your child when your mother couldn’t love you? This 2 hour intensive will take you on a journey to understanding the historical, recycled origins of maternal pain and how it shows up in your life today. There is also some powerful tools and suggestions to self parent and build a new relationship with your child through a foundation of empathy and connection. In the session we’ll explore:

What is mindful motherhood.

How slavery destroyed our ability to connect to our children.

How we enable white supremacy in our child rearing today.

Getting clear on the type of mother you want to be.

Nurturing the nurturer.

The power of attachment rituals.

Discipline that teaches though love not pain.

Honoring our children's sacredness.

You will also have access to a private Facebook group.


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