Racial Sobriety Rooms Conference: The Replays

Do you struggle to embrace your racial identity despite working the steps in recovery? Are you new to the rooms and feel anxious about how to navigate your journey as a person of colour?

Many of us are not just addicted to our primary substance or behaviour, but also the desperate need to escape the pain of living inside our bodies under the system of racism.

As amazing as 12 step recovery is, inter-racial sponsorship, white dominated meetings and outreach partners can expose conscious and unconscious racism.

As part of June's 9th Sobriety birthday, she hosted her first 9 day virtual conference to celebrate. This powerful, 16 hour collection of empowerment training's focuses on the, ‘First things First’ slogan on how to include racial sobriety as a priority in your recovery. These include:


What exactly is 12 step recovery? (Part 1)

A Cultural view of the steps. (Part 2)

The link between racism, self hate and addiction.

‘How do I know if I’m an addict?’

‘I’m scared to ask for help.’ 5 Steps to reduce the stigma.

7 Racial Sobriety essentials for people of colour in recovery.

7 Melanin miracles that happen in recovery.

‘How can I support an addicted loved one?’

Learning to thrive, despite the racism!


Racism, an addiction to power? June Allen

How therapy can support 12 step recovery and heal racial trauma: Psychotherapist, Dr Andrew Asibong

Racism, religious abuse and reclaiming your spirituality: Healer and Counsellor, Yvonne J Douglas


The 13th Step: Staying safe from predators.

How to Start a POC meeting in your primary fellowship.

RECOVERY SHARES ( available free at www.racialsobrietyrooms.com)

Interracial sponsorship.

The power of cultural top and bottom lines.

Self Acceptance and Food addiction.

Unworthiness and Underearning.

Trauma, codependency and relationship addiction.

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