Boundaries for Wounded Daughters.

Are you afraid of your mother and feel responsible for her happiness? Do you keep putting your needs last and find it hard to say no? These are characteristics of weak boundaries. There’s no sense of separateness where you end and your mother begins. Shifting this power balance requires the courage to tell the truth about the impact of this entangled relationship, and begin building healthy boundaries to reclaim yourself. In this 2 hour masterclass you'll learn:

7 types of boundaries in mother daughter relationships.

How healthy boundaries build self respect.

How racism feeds weak boundaries.

Explore the effectiveness in your current boundaries.

How to negotiate the relationship you want.

How to set healthy boundaries.

How to go no contact.

Dealing with enabling family members.

How to let go of guilt.

Bonus guest audio with Faith Agugu.

Faith is an amazing healer and therapist based in Australia. Abandoned by her mother at 1 and separated for 8 years, she struggled for many years with the pain of anger, shame and loss. After finding therapy and 12 step recovery, she went through a powerful process of healing, acceptance and forgiveness around her mother. In the bonus audio, she shares the strength, hope and tools which healed their relationship.

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