BELL HOOKS BOOK CLUB REFLECTIONS #7: Dreaming Ourselves Dark and Deep.

‘It really does not matter how many positive images of blackness we surround ourselves with, if deep down we continue to feel bad about dark skin and kinky hair.’ - bell hooks.

How do you feel about your black body? The shade? Your curves? The hair? What did you learn about black femininity from the women around you growing up?

For many of us, our black bodies have become prisons of unheard pain. We’re numb to the truth of how deep internalised racism and shame has impacted our ability to care for ourselves at the highest level. In this session, we’ll explore the politics of black beauty from chapter 6 of Sista’s of the Yam: Black Women and Self Recovery by bell hooks.

This is a powerful text for sista's to explore the challenges of living under the oppressive system of racism and sexism. You will also get access to a private Facebook group to continue the conversation.

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