Want to heal but not sure where to start? Are you overwhelmed by racism and confused about how it impacts your self esteem as a black woman?

Right now, you may be feeling ashamed and isolated from trying to figure it out alone with self help books or support spaces that don’t speak to your black experience. With the current intensity of living under the system of racism, taking care of your racial wellness has to be a priority.

I was on my healing journey for 4 years before I realised I could no longer ignore that I was in pain around being a black woman. I desperately wanted support to help me unpick the link between racism and my compulsive self hate but I was really scared. After 10 years of personal therapy, addiction recovery and ongoing training to become a therapist, I’m really excited to teach this introductory class on how to embrace the power of cultural nourishment with tools to launch your sistalicious life!

In this 90 min masterclass we’ll explore...

What is African centered self care for black women?

What are the benefits of practicing self care with a cultural context?

How to stop feeling guilty about taking time for self.

How to heal with other black women when you were bullied by them.

The three priciple foundations of racial wellness.

The workbook

A simple 3 step daily practice.

30 Tools for Sista self care.

The first 7 days: Journal prompts

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