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  • 121 Soul Care Session : The Follow Up.

    £70.00 GBP

    In this follow up peer support session, we'll continue the conversation after your consultation to nurture your wellness needs and build your sistalicious life! x1 Soul Care Session 50 mins www.terms.juneallen.net ...


    £47.00 GBP

    A compassionate collection of low cost, less time tools and strategies for simple self love and racial wellness. (Video) How to build a relationship with yourself. (Video) 3 Pillars of self confidence. (PDF) 101 Simple Self Love tools. (PDF) How to build a black self love list. (PDF) 20 Self love affirmations for black girl bliss. Please view the terms for digital products before purchase. ...

  • Racial Sobriety Rooms Conference: The Replays

    £49.00 GBP

    Do you struggle to embrace your racial identity despite working the steps in recovery? Are you new to the rooms and feel anxious about how to navigate your journey as a person of colour? Many of us are not just addicted to our primary substance or behaviour, but also the desperate need to escape the pain of living inside our bodies under the system of racism. As amazing as 12 step recovery is, inter-racial sponsorship, white dominated meetings and outreach...

  • Racial Sobriety 'WERK IT' Bundle.

    £47.00 GBP

    In recovery, many of us feel disconnected from our racial identity because there are very few safe spaces in the rooms to explore our addictions through the additional prism of racism. In this bundle, I share my experience, strength and hope from 8 years of racial sobriety. If you’ve been in recovery a while and need some identification and incite around understanding racism and its impact on your acting out/in patterns, this bundle will empower you to take this next...

  • 30 Tools for Racial Wellness

    £20.00 GBP

    Racial wellness should be pat of your well-being routine because being non-white means you’ll experience oppression (conscious and unconscious) as a result of living under the system of racism. This simple ebook will explain the 3 disciplines of racial wellness along with 30 examples (10 for each principle) to process the anger, shame and fear we experience as a result of daily oppression. Please review the Yard terms of service before purchase. www.terms.juneallen.net...