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  • Create an EmpoWOMBment Vision Board

    £20.00 GBP

    Sistahood begins with the inner big sista's relationship with the child in you! Create your empoWOMBment vision board and manifest your melanin magic in this playful masterclass! So what’s an empoWOMBent vision board? It’s a visual representation of the deep relationship you want with yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to find the appropriate cultural words or imagery without spending a fortune on magazines or hours on the internet. In this experience, you’ll have access to lots of images and texts already prepared for you to choose from which embody your blackalicious femininity. What can you expect from this masterclass? This activity traditionally involves creating something which represents your external dreams and goals but in this session, your set the intention to nurture your inner child, women and sista. You’ll also map out the process required to maintain this delicious level of self intimacy. The core areas are:Clarify your core values. Build your very own empoWOMBment board. Create a daily ritual around your board. Take part in a powerful cultural visualisation. Terms of Service

  • 'I'm Scared of Becoming My Mother.'

    £20.00 GBP

    If you’re exhausted by the self doubt and anxiety around your abusive mother, I have an opportunity that will transform the way you feel about yourself and the relationship. If you’re scared of hurting your children the way your mother hurt you, this space will empower you to rethink and recharge your parenting. In this 2 1/2 hour Intensive, we'll explore these three questions: 'Is it me?' - Understanding the mother wound and it's consequences. 'How can I break the cycle? - Learn empowerment strategies to let go of the pathology and realign your values. How can I get my mother to change? - Reclaiming your power and transforming the relationship. It's not what you think! This item is also offered as a free bonus within the wounded daughters mastermind. 'Build Your Blacknificence!' Terms of service.

  • Introductory Racial Wellness Consultation

    £60.00 GBP

    Are you tired of being silent and misunderstood about your black pain? Have you hit rock bottom and feel that your life is unmanageable under the system of racism? This introductory session will help you explore how racism impacts your life. You will also have a safe place to get honest about the challenges in your current wellness practice. During the 1 on 1 sessions, you'll be given some solid tools and strategies for self compassion and personal empowerment. PreWork: Know Thyself assessment. x1 Yard empowerment session (50 mins)

  • Racial Sobriety Starter Guide for People of Colour

    £7.00 GBP

    This audio series is an introductory exploration of racism, addiction and recovery. Topics include: Racism and recovery for beginners. Family and drug addiction. How to deal with racism in the recovery rooms. How to start a people of colour meeting in your primary fellowship. How to find a great black therapist. 22 Cultural top lines behaviors.

  • How I Reclaimed My Blackness From Self Hate to Self Love: The Workbook

    £17.00 GBP

    If you're ready to start looking at the impact of racism in your life and build some daily healing rituals, this workbook is a gentle way to start. This has been taken from the full audio course and revised to stand on its own. Topics includes: My transformation to self love. The 3 Disciplines of racial intimacy. Understanding internalised racism. 30 Tools to practice racial intimacy. Empowerment affirmations. The 3 C's of Journaling.